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Booking information

Booking confirmation and arrival notification

The owner of the cottage must always be informed of the arrival time well in advance, at least one day before the start of the reserved period. The normal arrival time is between 5 pm and 7 pm. If you need to arrive after 7 pm or need to have the door opened, there is an additional charge of €30. At night (between 9 pm and 7 am) there is an extra charge of €50 for opening the door. If keys are lost, the holidaymakers will have to pay the cost of rekeying the locks and making the other necessary changes.

In Villa Paasirinne A, weekend bookings are for Thursday-Sunday outside of holidays, and during the summer (June-August), week bookings are Friday-Friday. Arrival from 5pm and departure at 11am. At other times, arrival and departure by agreement.

In Villa Paasirinne B, weekend bookings are for Thursday-Sunday outside of holidays, and in the summer (June-August), weekly bookings are from Saturday to Saturday. Arrival at 4pm and departure at 12pm or by agreement.

For customers who book directly through, a booking confirmation will be sent by email as soon as a receipt of payment is received. The booking confirmation includes the booking number and name of the holiday destination, the booking period, address details, what the booking includes, i.e. the number of persons, and the name and contact details of the person making the reservation.

Customers arriving at the holiday destination will be emailed a passenger declaration form to complete and bring to the holiday destination, or it can be completed on arrival at the destination. You will be met at the destination by a representative who will show you around and hand over the keys. The resort charges a security deposit of €150 to protect against damage, and a key deposit. Payment is made in cash to the resort representative when you arrive at the destination. You will get your money back when you leave, provided there has been no damage, and provided also that you have not lost the key and have complied with the booking conditions and agreements.

Terms of booking

Read terms of booking here (

What is included in the price?

The price includes: reserved facilities at the holiday destination, a private swimming area and an outdoor swimming pond at Villa Paasirinne A. There are various aromatic herbs and the chives growing in the kitchen garden’s growing boxes, berries, rhubarb and fruit tree harvest. There is a barbecue area with a wide range of equipment for cooking over an open fire, on a gas barbecue or in a smoking box. There is firewood ready in the fireplaces. There is a rowing boat and anchor, life jackets of different sizes for adults and children, a life belt, fish cleaning table, two women’s bicycles, a badminton net and various yard games. At Villa Paasirinne B, there are reserved spaces and a barbecue hut, and in the yard there are berry bushes, rhubarb and herbs growing. On the shore there is a rowing boat and life jackets for fishers.

In winter the price includes two kicksleds, four pairs of snowshoes and winter fishing equipment, a sledge and stools.

Additional services

At Villa Paasirinne A it is possible to get the following services for your holiday for an additional price: a bath, use of the guest room as additional space, having the beds made in advance, a SUP board, a kayak for two, and, for fishing, a sonar and an electric outboard motor for the boat. You can reserve a SUP board and kayak for a week, a weekend or by agreement during your holiday. Additional services include a cot and highchair for two infants. Please ask for a quote for additional services before your holiday starts. Additional services will be charged separately, according to the offer made in advance.

The users of the hot tub, SUP board and kayak are responsible for their proper and safe use.

What to bring with you?

Bedlinen and towels are provided and included in the booking fee. Dishwashing detergents, some basic condiments and dry foods are provided, as well as kitchen paper and toilet paper. Other food, household items and spices must be brought along by the holidaymakers. Please also bring your own personal toiletries.

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