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We hope you can spare a moment to give feedback on your stay at Villa Paasirinne A or B. Your feedback is important to us and will help us to develop our service and others to find a suitable holiday destination.

Use the feedback form to give your star rating and give your own view of the place. See here the start rating descriptions (in Finnish). Your feedback may be published on the website for Villa Paasirinne A and B ( as part of the description. None of your details will be disclosed to third parties. We also hope you will share your holiday experiences and give a star rating on our Facebook page: Share your holiday experiences also on Instagram by tagging your pictures with @villa.paasirinne and follow our account. Give feedback and tell us about your holiday experiences in Google Map reviews for Villa Paasirinne A or B Toivakka, Central Finland.

Give giving feedback you will be included in a draw to win a weekend trip from Friday to Sunday for two at Villa Paasirinne A. The draw will be on January 30 between all those who have submitted written feedback on their holiday during the past year and the January. The winner will be notified in person by email or telephone, and the winner’s name or alias will be on the web page of the villa.

    Permission to use my feedback and alias / first name on the website: None of your details will be disclosed to third parties.

    My feedback concerns Villa Paasirinne:

    When did you stay?:

    Number of persons who stayed:

    Contact details:

    The pictures and description of Villa ( were accurate:

    Please give a star rating of 1 to 5 for the following. Give your opinion in your own words and explain your rating.

    Did you use the following?

    Did you use following:

    Did you use following:

    Did you use the kitchen garden products?

    Did you go on the lake?

    Did you go on the ice?

    Did you use sport equipments?

    Did you sort your waste as instructed?

    Did you use the services of the Toivakka village?

    Did you visit the sights

    Thank you for your feedback. Good luck with the draw.
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